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Organic Lawn Dressing Service

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Organic Lawn Dressing

Give Your Lawn a Boost

Many homeowners’ lawns suffer from poor soil conditions due to low air circulation, heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, insufficient watering or lack of fertilizer. As a result, root growth slows or becomes stagnant, causing the lawn to thin out or turn brown. 
To thicken and improve the overall health of your lawn, apply organic lawn dressing (sometimes called top dressing) – a fortified mixture of topsoil, compost and other micronutrients that work to revitalize the soil. Lawn dressing reintroduces beneficial compounds that will restore the health of the soil. The results are generally visible within two weeks. 

Benefits of Organic Lawn Dressing
  • Provides your lawn with a special mixture of topsoil, compost, and micronutrients that promotes healthier turf. 
  • Mixes with current soils to help improve drainage, root development, and moisture retention.
  • Stimulates new growth.
  • Improves a lawn's resistance to weed infestation, insects, disease, and drought.
Weed Man's organic lawn dressing program is applied at a rate of 50 to 70 lbs per 1,000 square feet, delivering the ideal amount of nutrients without smothering the grass. For best results, homeowners should schedule this treatment in conjunction with other lawn care maintenance services, including overseeding (which further builds turf density), fertilization, weed control and aeration.  
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